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 Your Brand In Your Customers Hand - Mobile Solutions For Your Business


Custom QR codes are a great way to draw some attention to your business.  Instead of using a basic black and white code you can hire a QR Code Company to design one to match your logo.  Notice how I said company.  Why you ask?  Well just because you may have some knowledge of how to use a paint program, Photoshop or Illustrator it is not as easy as just filling in colors and putting logos on the code.  There are certain pieces of information, that when altered on that code will cause it to not be read by the smart phones scanner. Also it is important to note that you may add some color to a code and be able to scan it with your Droid, but your friend with an iPhone can not.  A QR code company will know what portion of the code can be changed and they will test it on all platforms before releasing it.
A big mistake some people make is not allowing a white buffer around the code, or using the wrong levels of color both causing scanning problems.  A custom code can range from $35 up to $300 depending on the detail, amount of color, how many colors and the graphics involved.  I find it well worth the investment. Since the code can be redirected at any time, you can keep your custom design for as long as you want.  I have often said that as the QR code becomes increasingly popular I think some will become desensitized to seeing them.  It will be the custom QR codes that will draw the attention and curiosity of mobile users.
The creative possibilities then become endless.  I love the new TV commercial Macy’s just put out.  They put a QR code in the middle of their logo.  At first glance you may not notice it as it is a bit camouflaged.  But when you look again, you will see it.  I not only love the application here, but I like the use of a QR code on TV.  Right now, it is popular on offline materials like print ads. but the application on TV can be just as powerful.
I think it is important to keep the design as simple as possible while giving it enough of the wow factor to draw some attention.
Let’s talk about the custom QR code and branding.  Branding is so important to businesses.  A custom QR code has the ability to help brand your name and logo.  If you think about it,  you will definitely remember a logo that has a really cool QR code associated with it.  When you scan it, then the “branding” takes on an interactive role and  you have made a connection in the mind of people you are advertising to.
So take caution when altering  QR codes and talk with a professional before doing anything. Be on the look out for some really creative designs to come!  Here is a great example of a custom QR code in Myrtle Beachdone for the local college at CCU.