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Text Message Marketing Best Practices

 When I am talking to clients about Mobile Marketing I am always asked these three questions:

  • Is it ok to send a text message to people’s personal phone?
  • What if they do not want to receive my messages?
  • Is this legal?

Since all of these questions relate to the same topic of “Best Practices For Mobile Marketing”, I have decided to answer them here.

It is important to know that there are real compliance rules for Mobile Marketing companies.  The U.S. Consumer Best Practice s (CBP) committee develops a recommended set of guidelines to ensure a better experience for the wireless subscribers in the United States. The committee is comprised of wireless operators and aggregators – as well as members of the MMA and CTIA.

The CTIA (International Association for the Telecommunications Industry) preforms weekly audits to ensure companies meet the standards and evaluate compliance with the rules.

Audits are performed weekly

Any new violations are issued on Monday

Once you receive a violation you will be rated as follows:

2 – 5 days to correct the issue

1 – 2 days to correct the issue

0 – Correct the issue immediately

So what text messages could be a violation for Mobile Marketing? Well we need to know what is acceptable in sms marketing and what is not. Here is what is MUST be done:

•Must contain Sponsor Information

•Must contain frequency of text message

•No Unapproved or Inappropriate content as defined by individual carriers

•e.g., illegal drug use, explicit sexual content, violence, profanity, hate speech, etc

•No Superimposed Text Message

•No AT&T logos

•Only use approved Carrier Logos

In addition you…..

1) You must have an “opt-out” option on your message. A common opt out method would say text STOP to or END ALL to stop receiving messages. This makes it OK to send messages to mobile numbers. We do not hold hostages, and it is required to have it. You will receive a violation without it.

2) You must let the receiver of your message know who you are. Your business name should appear in the first few words to avoid any confusion that you are spamming people. People will remember they texted in to your offer when they see your business name. You will receive a violation.

3) Must not use the word FREE in a way that would make the mobile user think the text message is FREE. Although 85% of mobile users have unlimited texting and do not pay for it, there will be the very few that pay for a certain number or do not have texting and then they would be charged the text message rate by their carrier.

So yes it is legal and yes it is ok to message your customers on their phone as long as you are working with a Mobile Marketing Company that follows the above mentioned standards

SMS Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs

When was the last time you found yourself having a great time at your local bar or nightclub?  We all enjoy a night out with the girls, a game to watch with the guys, great food and drinks, of course great live music and discounts, coupons and specials!


Think back to your last experience.  What was the one device you and all the other people there had?  Correct.  A mobile phone.  About how many of those people do you think were texting? If I had to make a wager, I would say 90% of them were and probably some were texting to people at their own table.

Check out these texting stats by The Retrevo Research Group in 2011

SMS Texting Stats


So imagine if you will, a great night out listening to a great band at your favorite local spot.  The band decides to take a break. Before they leave, they announce to the entire bar that the bar and the band will be giving away free drinks and free t-shirts.  All you have to do is text “name of bar” to 72727 and we will choose 6 winners.  Within 5 minutes, 6 happy guests receive a text announcing them the winner of a  free shirt and free drink! Very cool for the guests who will no doubt share that expierence.

The greater power lies in the hands of the owner of that bar. In one night, in five minutes, he added 315 people to his database that he can now send text messages about his business to.

Lets think about that.  Next Wednesday night, this same owner wants to offer 15 cent wings.  At 11am he sends those 315 people a text telling them about the special.  Over 20% came in and cashed in on that special. In two weeks  he sends another message with a link to their Facebook Page. If you like on to their page that day you will be put in a drawing for a chance to win backstage passes for next concert they host.  You just drove 315 people to your Facebook page and increased you likes by 200.  Can you say win win!

This is Mobile Marketing at it’s best and this is just the beginning.  The exponential power of growth is unlimited!

We have some very creative ideas to literally steal business from your competitors. If you own a restaurant, bar or nightclub email us today at



10 Ways SMS Marketing Can Grow Your Business

If you own a business you might think Mobile Marketing is just the latest fad or newest technology that you don’t’ think you need to employ. You may be a bit old fashioned and think the traditional snail mail method of advertising is fine and adding an email marketing campaign will be enough. I like to compare Mobile Marketing to SEO. In the early adopters stage when organic methods of SEO were being used, many business owners were not budgeting for it. Some did not understand it and others didn’t think they needed to spend their money on it. Within the last 3 years, we now see that successful businesses are budgeting for SEO. Smart business owners know that to increase sales and have a national or global presence on the web, they would have to hire an SEO specialist to get organic rankings or pay Google for an advertising PPC campaign. Without it their website is just lost in a sea of information, never to be found by customers. Mobile Marketing is the same thing. Right now, in the early adopters stage, many business owners do not see the need and the value of what SMS/MMS Marketing can do for their business. However in a few year business owners will budget for it just like they do with SEO.

Hopefully your business is using social media sites and cross marketing on all channels. One of the greatest way to drive traffic to your social media sites is with SMS Marketing. Mobile Marketing comes along side of the marketing efforts you already have in place and doubles and triples them.

Here are ten ways SMS Marketing can grow your business.

1) New Customer Acquisition– There is no other form of advertising that has a two way exchange except mobile marketing. You are actively engaging your customers by asking them to respond to a call to action. If your offer is good enough, people will text and opt in to what you have to offer. This is the first step in acquiring new customers.

2) Increase your email data base- If you already have a program in place to send out monthly newsletters or emails, would you like to double or triple the number of customers in that data base? I f you answered yes, then mobile marketing can do just that. Some of our sms campaigns like Text 2 Win allow customers to fill in their email in order to win the prize.

3) Increase Traffic To Your Social Media Sites– We all would like more “likes” and interaction on our Facebook page and more followers on our Twitter page. When we send our mobile data base a text message from your company we can include shortened links to your Facebook and Twitter site. For example, Sweet Nips sent out a text message blast to 100 people that were in their mobile data base. The message said, “this message is from Sweet Nips you local bakery, for today only, we are giving away 1/2 dozen cookies to anyone who likes our Facebook page and leaves a comment.” The result? Sweet Nips gained 35 likes and the interaction on their page increased by 50%.

4) Grow Customer Base- If mobile marketing is applied correctly and you have a company that knows what they are doing, your customer base should increase at least 10-20% in the first year and increase every year after that. If you have 100 customers right now, would you want ten or twenty more by the end of the year. That is a no brainer.

5) Top of Mind Awareness- All business strive to be top of mind with their customers or potential customers. One of the best ways to do this is with SMS marketing and mobile coupons. Research tells us that only 33% of people check their email on a daily basis. However 90% of us read our text messages and the average length of time a message stays on our phones is 12 days. Add the power of sharing and you doubled your efforts. If I receive a great deal on my phone from a text message, I can forward that same offer to anyone and everyone in my phone contacts.

6) Reaching People Where They Are- Too often businesses make people jump through too many hoops to receive the offer or freebie they want to give away. SMS marketing makes it easy for your customers to reach you and engage with you all in one text message. What is the one thing we never leave home without? Our phones. Customers are more likely to engage with you in the moment they receive your text message rather than after a long day when they are finally home in front of their computers trying to read through twenty plus emails.

7) Real Time Marketing Is a Win- There is no other form of marketing that will allow you to make changes on the fly and be spontaneous For example, Jersey Subs wants to increase sales on their lunch rush. They currently have about 50 lunch customers. At 11am they sent out a text blast to their current data base that said, “Jersey Subs wants to know what’s for lunch today? Come get a sub today by 2pm and get a bag of chips and soda for FREE”. The first day they did this, they had 10 extra customers. At the end of 3 months they went from 50 lunch customers to 105. This is a very small scaled example of what can be done.

8) Cost Effective- Mobile Marketing and the SMS platform is very affordable. In the example above, Jersey Subs paid a set up fee of $25 and a monthly fee of $59.95. For 3 months their investment was $265. They gained 55 new customers and the average ticket was $10. In 3 months the new profit was $621 Would you pay $265 to earn $621? Again that is a no brainer.

9) No Annual Contract- Most Mobile Marketing Companies do not have annual contracts. Aimee Mobile Marketing allows our customers to go month to month. The way we see it is that if after 3-6 months you do not see new customers and more money in your pocket, then we are wasting your time. SMS Marketing, done correctly, will show results very soon.

10) Eco Friendly- To me, this is the cherry on top! Not only is SMS and Mobile Marketing the best way to grow your business but you are not printing and wasting any paper in the meantime. How many coupons, business cards, flyers, brochures, newspapers and ads get thrown away or litter our streets? You would like to think they are being recycled, but all too often they are just adding to our trash problem.

We hope you have a better understanding of how SMS Marketing can grow your business. We partner with many different industries and would be glad to answer any questions you may have. You can email us here. For a live demo of our virtual business card text the word Dawn to 72727 (standard text message rates apply).