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SMS Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs

When was the last time you found yourself having a great time at your local bar or nightclub?  We all enjoy a night out with the girls, a game to watch with the guys, great food and drinks, of course great live music and discounts, coupons and specials!


Think back to your last experience.  What was the one device you and all the other people there had?  Correct.  A mobile phone.  About how many of those people do you think were texting? If I had to make a wager, I would say 90% of them were and probably some were texting to people at their own table.

Check out these texting stats by The Retrevo Research Group in 2011

SMS Texting Stats


So imagine if you will, a great night out listening to a great band at your favorite local spot.  The band decides to take a break. Before they leave, they announce to the entire bar that the bar and the band will be giving away free drinks and free t-shirts.  All you have to do is text “name of bar” to 72727 and we will choose 6 winners.  Within 5 minutes, 6 happy guests receive a text announcing them the winner of a  free shirt and free drink! Very cool for the guests who will no doubt share that expierence.

The greater power lies in the hands of the owner of that bar. In one night, in five minutes, he added 315 people to his database that he can now send text messages about his business to.

Lets think about that.  Next Wednesday night, this same owner wants to offer 15 cent wings.  At 11am he sends those 315 people a text telling them about the special.  Over 20% came in and cashed in on that special. In two weeks  he sends another message with a link to their Facebook Page. If you like on to their page that day you will be put in a drawing for a chance to win backstage passes for next concert they host.  You just drove 315 people to your Facebook page and increased you likes by 200.  Can you say win win!

This is Mobile Marketing at it’s best and this is just the beginning.  The exponential power of growth is unlimited!

We have some very creative ideas to literally steal business from your competitors. If you own a restaurant, bar or nightclub email us today at



  • Akos Fintor says:

    Hey there,

    I used work for local small business owners a couple of years ago.
    I tired to sell them on mobile marketing ( mobi) and they just wouldn’t buy the idea. :) strange.

    thanks for the share!


    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment Akos. I do find the same. I think if they could just be enticed enough to try it for 90 days, they would be so amazed by the results, it would become a no brainier. Unfortunately a lot of the sales reps that are selling or trying to sell mobile marketing do not know how to incorporate it into traditional media and explain it simple terms for business owners to follow.