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 Your Brand In Your Customers Hand - Mobile Solutions For Your Business

Current Customer Database, More Valuable Than You May Think

Growing a database of current clients for future marketing is one of the most tried and true ways to grow revenues.  No matter what type of business you have, it is easier and more cost-effective to market to your current customer base.

From the beginning, smart successful businesses have been building a network of current clients and sending them invitations, offers, VIP discounts and more.  Initially these offers were sent via snail mail, then email, and now directly to their clients phones.

As a business owner it all comes down to this question, “If I could have one piece of information from my clients today, what information would I want?”

Home address?

Let’s see, you could send them direct mail pieces and spend the money on great design and high gloss printing!  Unless it is a postcard that practically sings, the open rate of snail mail is less
than 1.5% and would have a cost starting cost at $.44 per piece.  Plus American’s today move every 4.5 years which means a lot of the mail you send will not even be delivered.

Email address?

Email marketing has been proven to be one of the most cost-effective loyalty marketing campaigns any business can utilize.  Email campaigns produce results by helping your business stay top-of-mind, can easily deliver extra web-traffic, and directly link customers to sales that produce transactions.
Email marketing is still effective despite the following statistics:
1) The email address of your clients is likely to change every 3-4 years.
2) The best email campaigns typically do not see higher than a 15% open and read-rate.  85% of the
emails you send out are not opened.
3) Only 37% of Americans are active email users.
(active means check email 3x or more per week)

Mobile Phone Number?

The Hands-Down WINNER!
The 3 reasons you can’t ignore!
1. Your customer’s mobile phone number will likely be the same for the rest of their life due
to mobile phone number portability now.  Americans routinely switch from one service
provider to another and take their phone number with them.
2. When blasting a promotion out to a database of mobile phone numbers, 97% of them
are read!  Americans read their text messages.
3. The final reason is the most important of all.  92% of the Adult population have a cell phone and half of those 279 million people will have a smart-phone by Christmas 2012.
You can connect with more of your customers than email, for less money than direct mail, and with a better read-rate and higher call-to-action than any of the others.
To gain an edge and reach success it is imperative for any organization to begin to build their
database of mobile phone numbers using a professional mobile marketing company.

The ROI you will get from building a mobile number database will be well worth it.  You will see the results overflow in your following on your social media sites as well.  The best thing you can do for your business today is build a customer database and know how to correctly manage it so it will work for you.

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